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Dr. Ajay Das, Owner/Dentist

Dentist Shorewood Dr Das

Dr. Ajay Das, the owner of Dental Design Studio, is a seasoned dentist with a wealth of experience in the field. He embarked on his dental journey in 1997 and has since earned prestigious credentials, including a BDS from SDMCDS in 2002, an MS in Clinical Research from NYU in 2007, and a DDS from NYU in 2010. Dr. Das is a proud member of esteemed dental organizations such as the ADA, ISDS, and CDS.

In his role as a dentist, Dr. Das finds immense joy in witnessing the transformation of his patients’ smiles and the newfound confidence it brings them. He believes in simplifying dental care and communication, ensuring that his patients have a straightforward and comfortable experience at Dental Design Studio.

Beyond dentistry, Dr. Das has a vibrant personal life. He has a passion for singing and computer games, and he enjoys showcasing his culinary skills in the kitchen. Dr. Das is a family man, married to Dr. Soty Antony, and together they have a delightful daughter named Diya Das. Working at Dental Design Studio feels like being part of a close-knit family for Dr. Das, where everyone goes the extra mile to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Dawn, Dental Assistant

Dawn’s journey in the dental field began in 2002 in Florida when she completed the PBCC Dental Assisting program. Later, in 2004, she brought her skills and passion back to her home state of Illinois. Dawn’s commitment to patient care and her extensive experience are evident in her Expanded Functions Dental Assistant credentials.

What makes Dawn truly exceptional is her ability to connect with patients. Whether it’s offering a reassuring hand to hold or providing essential education on oral health, Dawn is always there for her patients. Her friendly and approachable demeanor makes her easy to talk to, and her genuine interest in patients’ stories fosters trust and lasting relationships.

Outside of work, Dawn’s focus is on her son and outdoor activities. She finds solace in activities like kayaking, gardening, and even raising pet chickens. During mushroom hunting season, you can find her exploring the great outdoors. Dawn’s love for Dental Design Studio stems from its commitment to treating patients like family and the strong sense of teamwork among the staff, making it a place she’s proud to be a part of since starting in 2004.

JoAnne, Registered Dental Hygienist

JoAnne is one of the dedicated Registered Dental Hygienist at Dental Design Studio. With a career spanning back to 1982, JoAnne has been committed to providing the best preventative care and guidance to our patients.

What makes JoAnne exceptional is her unwavering dedication to patient well-being. She enjoys building relationships with our patients, getting to know them on a personal level, and delivering quality care. JoAnne is known for her caring and friendly demeanor, which puts our patients at ease during their visits. Her focus is on not only maintaining oral health but also ensuring that our patients leave with smiles on their faces.

Outside of the dental office, JoAnne and her family share a passion for sports, including being fans of the White Sox, Bears, and Notre Dame. They also celebrate their Irish heritage with enthusiasm. JoAnne’s fulfillment comes from helping patients achieve better oral health and happiness with their smiles. At Dental Design Studio, she’s an integral part of a team dedicated to providing top-notch dental care and making every patient’s experience a positive one.

Lisa C., Dental Assistant

Lisa entered the dental field in 1998, and she’s been dedicated to providing comfort and care ever since. She is genuinely dedicated to patient well-being. By getting to know her patients and their families, Lisa creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that eases any fears associated with dental visits.

Lisa understands that many patients feel uneasy about dental procedures, and her mission is to change that perception. Lisa enjoys the diversity of procedures and the uniqueness of each patient she encounters. Her approach is rooted in listening and building personal connections. 

Beyond her role, Lisa cherishes family time with her two children and four grandchildren. She and her husband share a love for sports and live music, often enjoying dinner outings with friends. Lisa finds fulfillment in helping people through the essential services provided at Dental Design Studio, where she strives to make every visit as comfortable as possible for her patients.

Jocelyn, Dental Assistant

Jocelyn joined the dental field in 2016 and has since been dedicated to helping people achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. She holds certifications from the Illinois Dental Institute for prophy and sealants, equipping her with the skills to provide top-notch care to our patients.

Jocelyn’s satisfaction comes from seeing the happiness on her patients’ faces when they achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted. At Dental Design Studio, she’s part of a team dedicated to making people’s smiles not only healthy but also something to be proud of.

What sets Jocelyn apart is her infectious smile, which adds an extra layer of warmth to her patient interactions. Her genuine joy in helping people achieve the smiles they desire is evident in every aspect of her role. Beyond the dental office, Jocelyn is a loving mother to her daughter, cherishing the moments as she grows up. Together, they enjoy baking delicious desserts and contributing to their family’s house-building and flipping projects.

Lisa D., Financial Coordinator

Lisa, our Financial Coordinator at Dental Design Studio, brings a wealth of experience and a warm, friendly demeanor to our team. With a passion for helping patients navigate the often complex financial and insurance aspects of their dental treatment, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring our patients receive the care they need while minimizing any financial stress.

Entering the field in 2017, Lisa quickly established herself as a valuable asset to our practice. She enjoys interacting with patients and takes genuine interest in their lives, whether it’s hearing about their families, travels, or other adventures. This personal touch makes her not only an efficient Financial Coordinator but also someone patients look forward to connecting with during their visits.

In her personal life, Lisa is a proud mother of three grown children and two grandsons. She also shares a deep passion for Notre Dame football, making South Bend, Indiana, her favorite destination during football season. Working alongside Dr. Das and the compassionate team at Dental Design Studio, Lisa finds fulfillment in helping patients achieve their dental goals while providing exceptional care. Her dedication to the practice and her warm, caring nature make her an invaluable member of our team.